Redwood gig posterIt’s old school, but print collateral still has a place for promoting your band. Rule number one – create decent quality collateral! The primary pieces used by my bands are in-venue posters (11×17 with color) and postcards for use as give-aways and in-venue promotion. Print collateral has obvious application for pre-show in-venue promotion, where postcards can be multipurpose. In-venue/at the show use of postcards can help promote you band’s calendar, email marketing, social media and SMS marketing efforts. Color is great, but not absolutely necessary.

Simple is best in my opinion. There’s no need for busy graphics and messaging on your print collateral. Unless you’re artistic or true wordsmith, keep it to-the-point (when, where, who, etc.). Use of band photos on your collateral is great, if you’ve got some decent pics to choose from.  Here’s a Redwood poster, from our print collateral collection.