270 Grant Tilbury of Openstage – Engagement Benchmarks, Advice for Music Artists & Artist Management, Fan Loyalty, and Openstage Case Studies

Grant Tilbury Jaiswal is Head of Artist Success at Openstage. He's formerly the Artist Relations and A&R guy with Trackd, the collaboration platform that lets musicians record, collaborate and share their musical creations, all from an iOS device. Openstage helps artists, labels, and music managers efficiently develop [...]

2023-09-29T14:11:41-06:00July 14th, 2023|Marketing, Podcast|

Collaboration, Music Discovery and Trackd Music–Grant Tilbury-Jaiswal (Ep 194)

Grant Tilbury-Jaiswal of Trackd Music loves the artist development journey and the evolution of music collaboration At the center of collaboration and music discovery is Trackd Music and Grant Tilbury-Jaiswal. Grant is head of Artist Relations and A&R for Trident Cloud Limited and Trackd Music. Trackd [...]

2023-09-29T14:09:15-06:00April 2nd, 2021|Creativity, Podcast|

Emerging Collaboration Tools Could Bring Life to New Music Genres – Grant Tilbury, Trackd (Ep 174)

Grant Tilbury and team at Trackd are exploring ways that they can help artists stay creative and earn a living making music. This is the third in a multi-part series related to the world of online music collaboration, which has turned out to be [...]

2023-03-11T11:47:56-06:00September 6th, 2020|Podcast|

The Evolution of Music Collaboration–Raf Fiol of Kompoz (Ep 171)

Raf Fiol created Kompoz for musicians who want to collaborate, using their own digital audio workstation (DAW). The platform has grown into a social community for music collaborators. My guest for this episode is Raf Fiol of Kompoz, the online collaboration platform for musicians. [...]

2023-03-11T11:48:39-06:00August 19th, 2020|Podcast|
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