285 Johnny Burgin (Rewind) – Chicago Blues, Music Festivals, The Magic Of The Stage, Pinetop Perkins

This is a rewind episode featuring blues guitarist Johnny Burgin. What is a rewind episode? It's a previously published episode, one of my favorites, and one that I think merits re-publishing. I give these episodes a fresh edit, which means you will find it even more [...]

2023-11-21T09:20:27-05:00October 27th, 2023|Income, Marketing, Performing, Podcast|

284 JR Richards – Dishwalla, His Tenth Album Forthcoming, Email Marketing, List Building, E-Commerce, Touring, Adapting To Changes In The Music Business, Spotify Discovery Mode

One of the best voices in rock has been used to describe J.R. Richards. He's the original singer of Dishwalla, one of my favorite bands to emerge in the 90s. Richards has sold millions of records, written some chart-topping hits and has toured globally. Perhaps his most [...]

2023-10-20T09:45:07-05:00October 20th, 2023|Income, Marketing, Performing, Podcast|

283 Susan Rogers – The Neuroscience Of Music Preferences, Prince, Analyzing The Techniques Of Frank Sinatra, The Progression of Production Techniques, Leaving The Music Business For Academia, Working With Barenaked Ladies

Susan Rogers teaches Music Production and Engineering at The Berklee College of Music (Berklee Online). She holds a doctorate in psychology from McGill University, where she studied music cognition and psychoacoustics. Her research focuses on auditory memory, the perception of musical signals, and the influence of musical [...]

2023-10-14T15:38:20-05:00October 13th, 2023|Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|

282 Rory Kenny of Loudly – The Roll-Out Of Loudly, Inspiration For Moving Into AI, The Loudly Roadmap, Business And Hiring Challenges, Use Cases, Assembling The Ideal Team, Copyright, Future Of Music And AI

Rory Kenny is a co-founder and CEO of Loudly, a platform that helps create AI-generated music in seconds for your videos, social channels, advertising media, podcasts, apps, and more. It's 100% royalty-free and easy to use. Every sound on Loudly is human-made and restructured as samples, [...]

2023-10-05T17:02:26-05:00October 6th, 2023|Creativity, Podcast|

281 Garry Peterson of The Guess Who – A New Album, Touring, History of The Guess Who, Garry’s Drum Gear, Facts or Fiction, Advice for Young Players

Garry Peterson is a founding member and drummer of The Guess Who. Garry has been making music for over six decades. Garry also performed with Bachman Turner Overdrive, during their support of the Van Halen 5150 Tour, a show I attended long ago. He has to his [...]

2023-09-28T17:27:00-05:00September 29th, 2023|Performing, Podcast|

280 Nichole Wagner – Journalism, Photography, Moving To Austin, Rebooting Her Patreon, Drive-by Poetry, Perceived Roadblocks To Making Music, House Concerts

Nichole Wagner has a new album titled Plastic Flowers coming soon. The Austin-based songwriter released her first album in 2018. Her music is blends soulful country-rock with funky Americana sounds. She comes from the small town of Louviers, Colorado, studied Journalism at Arizona State University, eventually [...]

2023-09-22T11:15:12-05:00September 22nd, 2023|Income, Marketing, Performing, Podcast|
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