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I knew I wanted to be a musician when I saw The Rolling Stones on TV as a young boy. I never reached the heights of rock stardom, but I did become an in-demand drummer for the better part of two decades in Dallas/Fort Worth and the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2016 I relocated to Panama where I’m connecting with a new music community, and making plans for in-home audio and video music projects. I’ve always considered myself a musician-for-hire, which is why I’ve always maintained a collection of my recorded works. It’s stuff I’ve done over the course of several years, but I think it gives a decent picture of who I am as a player.

Alarm Clocks (demo) by Redwood

Redwood was a San Jose based quartet, that became best known for it’s unplugged performances at Bay Area wineries. We recorded this track in Spring of 2013. It’s now the featured intro/outro music for my Unstarving Musician’s Podcast.

Stone Free by Jimi Hendrix Performed by Still Kickin’ (demo)

This was another of my San Jose based quartets. They turned out to be one of my funnest projects ever. I ended up doing some spin off work with a couple of the guys, and things only got better and better.

Little Voice by Camaron Ochs

Little Voice was a demo that made it on to Camaron’s independent release Heartforward. She’s since gone on in the country music scene as Cam.

Could it Be (demo) by Noise Conspiracy

This three-piece ensemble was my last Dallas/Fort Worth based music project. The band had some good times flirting with funk, rock and jazz.

Everyone But You (demo) by Noise Conspiracy

Manic Depression by Jimi Hendrix, performed live by PU38

This was one of my first serious foray into original music. We recorded this tune for in front of an intimate audience of friends at a Fort Worth club. Although we sprinkled our repertoire with plenty of covers, we did manage to record Veg, one of about a half-dozen original tunes we penned.

Veg by PU38

This track was recorded at a high-end studio in Dallas for a compilation that featured several DFW bands of the day. The compilation project was produced by a fledgling record label that would eventually become Spyder Pop Records.

Video Performances

Live at The Tiki Bar in San Jose, California

Live at Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in Campbell, California

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