Carter Ray – Acting And His Accidental Start In Music, Headlining Gay Pride 2022, Merch Ideas, Tips on Getting Better Gigs, Social Media Marketing and Content Creation (Ep 256)

2023-03-17T07:03:27-05:00March 17th, 2023|Marketing, Performing, Podcast|

Carter Ray is described as a cinematic raconteur, colorful, charismatic, and entertaining.He recently released a single called Forever Plus One (Feb. 10, 2023), which is a cross-genre, EDM inspired ballad, a declaration of unity to span a lifetime.In 2014, Carter began documenting his transition from female to [...]

Shilpa Ananth – Overcoming Hardship To Find Success, Teaching At The Berklee College Of Music In Abu Dhabi, Songwriting Inspiration In Hard Times, Finding Calm, And Advice For Singers (Ep 255)

2023-03-09T16:13:15-05:00March 10th, 2023|Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

My guest for this episode is Shilpa Ananth. Shilpa is an Indian vocalist, songwriter, and performing artist based between the US and the UAE. Her sound fuses the dreamy landscapes of South India with Soul, Jazz, and Electronic influences. Shilpa brings together 3 of the oldest [...]

Wowashwow – Origins Of Her Artist Name, Humor In Music, Her Latest Single And The Forth Coming Album, Effects Of Social Algorithms On Indie Music Artists, Vulnerability And Connecting With Her Audience, Cannabis Advocacy, And More (Ep 254)

2023-03-03T09:27:47-05:00March 3rd, 2023|Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

“With confidence and a strong musical background that brings out all of her passions, filled with funk-infused beats and resilience, Wowashwow is making her path and a bold mark on the hip-hop world.” - Artist on the Rise At age six, my guest Wowashwow [...]

Tom Meny (Rewind) – Austin’s Music Scene, Rejection, Writer’s Slump, Songwriting Groups, Songwriting Advice From Cindi Lauper And Shannon Curtis, Email Marketing, Getting Paid (Ep 253)

2023-02-27T10:43:15-05:00February 26th, 2023|Creativity, Marketing, Podcast|

Photo by Rodney Bursiel Photography This episode featuring Tom Meny originally aired in June 2019. This is a rewind edition, in which I've edited the conversation to be more succinct and somewhat more relevant. Tom has appeared in two episodes of this podcast. In [...]

Ryan Miller And Jay Lifton – Something From Tiffany’s, Guster, Their Journey Toward Film Scores, The Value Of Film Festivals, Music In Video Games (Ep 252)

2023-02-17T12:00:19-05:00February 17th, 2023|Podcast|

My guests for this episode are the film-scoring duo Ryan Miller and Jay Lifton. Ryan is a founding member and the lead singer of Guster, who recently celebrated their 31st consecutive year of touring and recording. He has scored over 15 feature films and has worked with [...]

Drew Ryder Smith – Website Platforms, Nashville, Texas Ties, Growing Up In Tennessee, Pneumonia, Songwriting Vocationally, Touring, Recording, The Origins Of Robonzo, And Legendary Drummers (Ep 251)

2023-02-11T10:33:24-05:00February 10th, 2023|Income, Performing, Podcast|

When not in the studio or playing on the road, Drew Ryder Smith can be found in Nashville or New York City – usually hanging out with any dog he sees. My guest for this episode is a country singer-songwriter, Drew Ryder Smith. He [...]

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