Committed To Recording And Performing – Abe Partridge (Ep 193)

Abe is extremely committed to the experience of recording records and playing live shows, because he loves connecting with people in the flesh. This is how he gets his music out into the world.  In this second appearance for the podcast, Abe and I discuss pandemic [...]

2024-04-30T10:07:56-06:00March 19th, 2021|Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

A Songwriting Routine That Doesn’t Resemble Work – Steven Keene (Ep 190)

Steven Keene says his songwriting routine has never resembled work. To the contrary, he's always written in the moment and as inspiration strikes. Yet he's had a consistent and prolific songwriting career. Steven grew up in Brooklyn New York, and honed his skills in the Greenwich [...]

2021-02-17T16:33:08-06:00February 5th, 2021|Creativity, Performing, Podcast|

Staying Creative and Nurturing a Music Community–Crystal & Pete Damore of Ordinary Elephant (Ep 108)

Staying creative and nurturing a music community is part of life on the road for Crystal and Pete Damore of Ordinary Elephant. This is their second appearance on the podcast, which was a great opportunity to talk about their recent Kickstarter campaign, their new album Honest, and more. [...]

2024-03-08T13:57:18-06:00June 22nd, 2019|Creativity, Podcast|

Balancing Music, Visual Art and Fatherhood – Eric Bolander

Lexington Kentucky based songwriter Eric Bolander is a working musician and visual arts teacher. We were introduced by fellow songwriter and artist Abe Partridge, who has also been featured on this podcast. Check out Abe's episode Eric is notably excited about a new relationship with Eastwood Records. Eastwood is [...]

2023-08-04T12:34:22-06:00December 21st, 2018|Marketing, Podcast|

Rediscovering Me–Singer Songwriter Jennifer Vazquez

Singer songwriter Jennifer Vazquez came to me out of the blue, the blue canvas of Twitter. I was checking my alerts, glancing at the feed and there she was, promoting her latest album Rediscovering Me. Jennifer grew up in and around the Bronx of NY. She has spent a [...]

2022-07-09T10:33:37-05:00June 29th, 2018|Marketing, Podcast|
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