Loss, Songwriting and the Blues–Brian Young (Ep 183)

Blues guitarist, singer-songwriter Brian Young is a member of the Unstarving Musician community–the list. A while back, he reached out to check in with me. I’m always asking the community and you listeners how you’re doing. Like Ezra said last episode, music is a collaborative experience [...]

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Aki Kumar Signs With Sony Music India (Ep 118)

Photo by George Zaferes Only a few episodes ago I was joined by Bollywood Blues artist, Aki Kumar. Aki had some exciting news at the time that was under wraps, so I wanted to have him back to announce his signing with Sony Music [...]

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Starting Over in Austin–Lara Price

Lara Price is an Unstarving Musician’s Podcast alumni from early episode 4. Similar to my recent conversation with country singer songwriter Mira Goto, this is a progress update of sorts. It’s been almost one year since my last interview with Lara. At that time she had just made a [...]

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Finding Happiness in the Blues and Howlin’ at Greaseland –  Stephanie Tice

Stephanie Tice and I have mutual ties to Greaseland Studios in San Jose. We share an interest in some of the artists that have recorded there. In Stephanie’s case, however, it’s more. She has fallen head over heels for the blues. ?? Finding Little Lou's , Poor House Bistro [...]

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Mark Wenner on The Nighthawks, Performing, Recording, and Rock & Roll (Ep 30)

Mark Wenner and his band The Nighthawks have been performing and recording for over 40 years. He did this with and alongside an impressive list of blues and R & B note-worthies. Mark came up as a young man when rock & roll was perceived by most adults as the [...]

2020-10-09T12:46:30-04:00December 22nd, 2017|Marketing, Performing, Podcast|5 Comments

Aki Kumar on Chicago Blues, Bollywood Blues, Harmonica, and Performing (Ep 23)

In this episode intro I refer to Aki as a Bollywood blues sensation, not only because his latest album is a fusion of Chicago blues and Bollywood pop classics from Aki’s youth, but also because Aki is so good at what he does, I think he’s likely started what will [...]

2020-10-09T12:43:21-04:00November 3rd, 2017|Marketing, Performing, Podcast|2 Comments
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